West Bank Puts Down Roots in Rochester – New Branch Now Open



West Bank is pleased to announce that we will be opening a new building in Rochester, Minnesota on November 14, 2016. The new bank will serve as the headquarters for West Bank in southeastern Minnesota. Featuring state-of-the-art banking and drive-through facilities, as well as a dynamic rooftop space for spending time with customers, our new 15,000-square-foot building is a strong, well-thought-out reflection of our banking model. 

Although we will have a new location, one thing will not change; our commitment to our customers. West Bank will continue to combine streamlined banking strategies with old-fashioned, relationship-based business banking. We have assembled a team of seasoned professionals with over 20 years of banking experience in the community, who will staff the new branch. 

We are excited to continue serving the City of Rochester and uphold our mission to build strong relationships, build strong communities, and build upon our strong reputation to ensure clients receive exceptional care and the community receives outstanding support. 

We are proud to be West Bank Strong.