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Home Office Safety and Security

Posted on: 2019-01-15 // Categories: Internet Security , Personal Finances

If you work out of your home or just need a place to take care of personal business, it’s a good idea to set up a workspace dedicated to this purpose in your home.  Whether it’s a corner of your apartment or a whole room, your space should be comfortable, safe, and securely protect your sensitive documents and computer files.  January is a good time to clean and organize your home office space with the following ideas in mind.

Personal Safety

Will kids, pets, and guests have access to your office set-up?  What hazards do you see?

  • Electrical Cords and outlets:
    • Untangle, organize and group cords.
    • Make sure outlets aren’t overloaded.
  • Tripping Hazards:
    • Those cords again!
    • Boxes and other objects protruding from under your desk.
  • Make sure there’s a clear path to the exit.
  • Childproof your office if children have access
    • Cover unused electrical outlets
    • Secure small objects like paper clips, pens, etc. where little hands can’t find them!


Data Safety

  • Use surge protectors.
  • Add an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) to protect against power outages
  • Keep your computer safe from viruses and malware by updating your current anti-virus and firewall protection
  • Back up your data onto a hard drive
  • Keep stored client data confidential
  • Ensure sensitive data is encrypted
  • File any loose paper documents securely

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Posted on: 2019-01-15 // Categories: Internet Security , Personal Finances

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