Commercial Checking with Interest

It’s the best of both worlds…it’s a convenient checking account with the returns of a money market account. With Commercial Checking with Interest you can earn interest without maintaining two accounts, transferring excess funds or monitoring withdrawals.

You will receive money market rates on tiered balances in excess of $25,000 and a detailed, easy-to-read monthly statement that itemizes services.

There is no minimum balance to maintain and higher balances earn higher returns.

To speak with a business banker and learn more about Commercial Checking with Interest, call us at:
Central Iowa: 515-222-2300
Eastern Iowa: 319-351-4121

Interest is accrued on daily collected balances if minimum daily balance is $25,000 or greater. Accrued interest is paid monthly based on tiers.

Account Details:

Account activity fees and service charges:
No minimum balance requirements
Monthly service charge $15
25¢ per debit
25¢ per credit
Deposited Item Charge:
          On West Bank 7¢
                       Iowa 9¢
           Out of state 11¢

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The following information applies to all interest-bearing checking accounts:
Your interest rate and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is variable and subject to change after account opening. Fees and service charges could reduce earnings. Current rates are available by calling West Bank or visiting

Interest accrues daily except on noncash deposits. Noncash deposits (such as checks) accrue interest the day the Bank receives credit for those items.

Interest is calculated using the daily balance computation method. A daily periodic rate is applied to the collected balance in the account each day.

Maximum FDIC insurance coverage for Commercial Checking with Interest accounts remains at $250,000 per legal entity.

Checking account fees and service charges are subject to sales tax.