Protecting your corporate bank account from cybercriminals is smart and in this day and age, a must. For West Bank, improving your online banking safety is a never-ending pursuit – and that’s why we have partnered with the security experts at IBM to offer IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport.

Proven Protection against Fraud
Trusteer Rapport helps to protect your computer from phishing and financial viruses that target your bank account and specifically evade your antivirus software. It is easy to install and will work transparently in the background without affecting your computer’s performance.

Easy to Download and Use
When you login to your eCorp online bank account, you will be asked to download Trusteer Rapport. You will then be directed to the Trusteer Rapport website.  Or, click here to visit the Trusteer Rapport website and download the software. After clicking the "Download Rapport Now" button, the software will download within seconds and work in the background to protect your account. And remember that keeping your anti-virus software and operating systems updated will assist with your online security.

First line of defense
Please remember that the first line of defense against fraud and theft is provided by you, the customer.  Because many hackers access your computer through software applications, you should install updates to your software as soon as they become available, and always use current-version anti-virus protection.

Download & Details
To download Trusteer Rapport, login to your eCorp Online Banking or visit the Trusteer website.

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We remain dedicated to ensuring the security of your online bank account. By downloading and installing Trusteer Rapport you agree with all Trusteer terms and conditions. West Bank is not responsible for, nor do we guarantee, the content or services associated with this product. All problems, questions or concerns regarding Trusteer Rapport should be directed to