You can’t go Overboard with West Bank’s Prepaid Debit Card

Enjoy all of the convenience of a debit card accessibility without the dangers of overspending.

It’s the perfect solution for:

•    Protecting your identity when shopping online
•    Controlling costs when your banking relationship has been damaged
•    Helping your student manage his/her money
•    Managing travel expenses

Want to know more?

Control Your Costs The West Bank prepaid debit card is a simple way to manage your money. No bank account or credit check is required to enroll (1), and since your spending is limited to the money deposited to the card, you can’t incur costly overdraft fees.

Access Your Funds The card is reloadable. It’s easy to have your paycheck, government benefits and other regular receipts direct-depsosited right to your prepaid card. Then use your prepaid debit card anywhere Mastercard® is accepted. Surcharge free withdrawals are available at West Bank ATMs and at any of over 23,000 Money Pass® ATMs nationwide.*

Keep Your Money Safe and Secure Funds loaded to the card are eligible for FDIC coverage. The MasterCard® Zero Liability policy provides you protection from any unauthorized transactions and purchases. Use it to protect your identity when shopping online. Plus the card is safer than carrying cash because, if your card is lost or stolen, it can be replaced.

Monitor Your Spending Sign up online for free text alerts (2) and use our online banking center to pay bills online, view transactions, and move money from card to card. Need to talk to a live person? Customer service is available 24/7.

Get your West Bank Prepaid Debit Card today! Stop by your nearest branch and talk with a Personal Banker or give us a call at 1-800-810-2301.

West Bank Prepaid Debit Card Schedule of Services and Fees**
FREE Services
•    Signature Point of Sale – Free
•    PIN Point of Sale – Free
•    Cash Back from Point of Sale – Free
•    Web Account Access – Free
•    IVR Customer Service Support – Free
•    Live Customer Service Support – Free
•    SMS Alerts – Free
•    Email Alerts – Free
•    PIN Change – Free
•    Direct Deposit Payroll – Free
•    Direct Deposit Gov’t Benefits – Free
•    Direct Deposit – Tax Refunds and other direct deposits – Free
•    Personal Financial Manager – Free

Fee Services
•    ATM Withdrawal – Domestic - $3.00
•    Cash Withdrawal from a Bank - $4.00
•    ATM Balance Inquiry/Decline – Domestic - $1.00
•    ATM Withdrawal – International - $5.00
•    ATM Balance Inquiry/Decline – International - $3.00
•    Money Move – Card to Card - $1.00
•    Money Move – Card to Bank - $4.00
•    Bill Payment – Electronic - $2.50
•    Bill Payment – Paper Check - $2.50
•    Bank Load – Money Load at Bank Branch - $3.00
Only cash and cash equivalent funds will be loaded to the card.
•    Secondary Card Order Fee - $5.00
•    Card Issuance - $5.00
•    Card Replacement - $20.00 (Express Shipping - $35.00)
•    Convenience Check - $2.50 per check
•    Monthly Maintenance Fee - $5.00
•    Inactivity Fee*** - $5.00 (Cards with a balance will be assessed a monthly fee after 12 months of no activity)

*$3.00 fee for ATM withdrawals at West Bank or Money Pass ATMs will still apply.
** Schedule shows fees imposed by West Bank, unless prohibited by applicable law. Additional fees may be imposed by others in connection with your card.
*** If no purchase or deposit transactions are posted to the account within a 12 month period, the card will be considered inactive.

See cardholder agreement for details. (1) Successful identity verification required.
(2) Standard messaging rates from your mobile carrier may apply.


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