By providing access to up to $50 million in FDIC insurance through a single bank, CDARS (Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service) can help simplify and improve the financial performance of businesses. With access to full insurance, businesses can say "goodbye" to surety bonds and collateralization requirements. With CDARS, businesses get one bank, one rate and one statement.

  • One Bank: Investors can access multi-million FDIC insurance coverage by working with just one bank.
  • One Rate: Investors negotiate one rate for each CD maturity and enjoy the option of reinvesting them through a simple process.
  • One Statement: Investors receive one easy-to-read statement summarizing all holdings.

These benefits can reduce businesses administration burdens and provide organizations with more time to focus on profit-generating activities. West Bank offers this type of CD with terms of 13 weeks, 26 weeks, and one year and a minimum deposit of $10,000.



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