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Important Fraud Alert - Phishing Activity on the Rise

Be aware of fraudulent activities known as “phishing,” which aim to deceive and defraud you. Criminals often use fake emails, websites, or pop-up windows to trick you into sharing your personal information.

Remember, West Bank will never send unsolicited emails containing attachments or request account or personal information via email, text messages or pop-up windows. If you receive unsolicited messages do not open attachments or click on links. Any such request should be considered fraudulent and reported to West Bank Customer Service at 1-855-464-5407.

To learn more about phishing attacks, check out our blog article: How Can I Avoid a Phishing Attack? You can also help protect yourself by setting up Account Alerts to monitor your account.

Please note: with Debit Card Fraud Text Alerts, you may automatically receive text notifications of potential fraudulent transactions on your card and have the ability to respond to confirm if the transaction is valid. This text will not ask for account or personal information, only Yes or No to confirm a transaction.

Stay vigilant and protect yourself against fraud.

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