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What is it?

Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a convenient way to make payments and collect funds electronically. As a secure private network, ACH is a smart choice for any commercial entity, non-profit organization, association or governmental body.

ACH can be used to issue payroll, process accounts payable and move funds between accounts. It can also be used to collect payments from members, vendors or contractors. With electronic processing, funds move faster, the risk of errors and fraud drops and you maintain optimal cash control with fewer resources.

Business ACH

Benefits Include

  • Decrease processing costs with electronic Internet services
  • ACH origination services save accounting dollars and create internal efficiencies, while direct deposit of payroll provides a fringe benefit that employees value
  • Reduce exposure to check fraud by eliminating paper checks
  • Increase payment predictability
  • Utilize excess balances in multiple locations with electronic cash concentration services
  • Receive electronic data interchange (EDI) payment information
  • Originate commercial payments with corporate addendum attachment
  • Set daily limits for users and implement a dual control approval process for better fraud protection

How Does It Work?

Rather than writing and mailing checks or manually processing accounts receivables, ACH allows you to send and collect funds electronically. Once you’ve set up the routing and account number for a payee, all of their data is retained, saving you time and money. The recipients will love it too because they’ll be able to access the funds more quickly.


To find out more about West Bank ACH services, contact our Treasury Management team at 515-222-2300 or 1-800-810-2301.

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