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Kay Trager Honored by Iowa Bankers Association for 50 Years of Service

On September 18, the Iowa Bankers Association honored Kay Trager as a 50-year banker. Kay is a highly experienced banking professional with an impressive 51-year career at West Bank. She joined the company in 1972 as a teller shortly after graduating from Grandview College. In 1972, when West Bank was adding additional staff in anticipation of opening the brand new “Main” Bank at 1601 22nd Street in West Des Moines, Kay was hired. Throughout her time at West Bank, Kay has demonstrated her versatility and expertise by taking on various roles.

Her journey in the banking industry began as a teller and personal banker, where she gained valuable experience in customer-facing positions. However, her passion for the intricacies of banking led her to transition to a back-office role in the Bookkeeping department.

Kay’s training in the Bookkeeping department began with learning how to operate a “full pocket” proof machine, manually file checks and handwrite tickets. This training allowed her to develop a keen attention to detail and meticulousness, which became the foundation of her successful banking career.

After mastering the responsibilities of the Bookkeeping department, Kay’s leadership skills and expertise were recognized, leading her to assume leadership positions within the bank. She demonstrated her capabilities in various financial and accounting roles, further showcasing her dedication and proficiency. Additionally, she served as the head of the Customer Service department for many years, ensuring that West Bank’s customers received top-notch service.

Kay’s appreciation for community banking was undoubtedly influenced by her father, who served as a Director for a community bank in eastern Iowa for more than 50 years. Although she cannot recall whether her father encouraged her to pursue a career in banking, his involvement had a profound impact on her dedication to community banking. She has since dedicated her entire career to the industry, making valuable contributions along the way.

Throughout her impressive tenure at West Bank, Kay has continued to learn and grow alongside the bank’s advancements in technology and growth. She values the challenge and reward of the work and is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with great people at West Bank, which has been a significant factor in her longevity with the company. Kay’s remarkable dedication to banking and her commitment to learning serve as an inspiration to her colleagues and peers.

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