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Anniversary Gifts for the Community

As part of our 125th Anniversary celebration, all West Bankers were invited to designate a charity of their choice to receive a $125 contribution from the West Bancorporation Foundation. Many West Bankers generously support our Foundation with contributions, as well as serving on our Foundation’s Board of Directors. The $125 for the 125th Program gave our team members the opportunity to celebrate our 125th Anniversary by directing some Foundation funds to the organizations they are passionate about.

76% of West Bankers participated in the $125 for the 125th Program for a total of $16,750 going back to our communities. What a great way to way celebrate the birthday of a bank that has always been so deeply rooted in our community!

“The range of donations reflected the diversity of our colleagues,” Jill Hansen, Executive Director of the West Bancorporation Foundation reported. “Everything from various animal-related charities to research foundations for illness/disease to human service organizations and scholarship funds was covered. It was a wonderful opportunity for West Bankers and our community organizations to see firsthand the difference West Bank’s charitable foundation can make. I also heard that it caused some employees who were not familiar with the great work done in our communities by the nonprofit sector to do some digging to come up with a charity that matched their passions.”

West Bank has received many notes of appreciation and shout-outs on social media from the benefited charities, all mentioning what a great idea it was! Thanks to everyone who participated in giving back to our communities to celebrate our 125th Anniversary Year!

“It’s great to work for a company with a culture of giving back,” said West Banker Peggy Fleming.  “West Bank has a strong history of success, but we couldn’t have done it without the relationships we have built in our community over the years.  I have served two terms on the board of directors of the West Bancorporation Foundation and I support it through personal donations. As the company’s storyteller, I am privileged to get an in depth look at where our charitable contributions go, how our employees spend their time volunteering, and how both have a positive impact in the community.“

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