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Books & Bricks for Belize

For West Bank’s 125th Anniversary, each West Banker was given the opportunity to direct a $125 donation from the West Bancorporation Foundation to the charity of their choice. 

In today’s global economy, what happens in one part of the world can have a lasting effect on all of us, so it’s not surprising that occasionally our charitable donations go to help people overseas.

West Banker Jeff DeVore directed his donation to the James Arthur Albert Foundation which raises funds to enable students in the South American country of Belize to attend high school and university. Belize, formerly known as British Honduras, is a developing country and has one of the lowest literacy rates in the Western Hemisphere.

There are lots of obstacles to higher education in Belize. Many families cannot afford the $200 a year it costs to send a child to high school.  Students living in rural areas have to walk long distances to a bus stop and then might have to ride as long as 2 hours to reach the nearest school.  Electricity is not available in many areas and after a long day of school and travel, that makes it difficult to do your homework in the evening.

“James Albert is a law professor at Drake University,” said Jeff. “For the last decade, he has been working with children in Belize building classrooms and donating books with funds earned by his foundation. He makes 2-3 trips to Belize every year to view progress and meet with the students the Foundation is assisting. 100% of donations to the Foundation go to the cause Books & Bricks for Belize.”

“Hearing about the successes of students so far away who are being enabled by the kindness of more fortunate people here in the United States inspired me to choose Books & Bricks for Belize.“

 You can find out more about Books & Bricks for Belize on their website or on their Facebook page.

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