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Why do I need to set up Account Alerts?

We’re all busy and most people don’t check their transactions daily. Account Alerts help you easily monitor your account. For example you can set up notifications for when your checking account is above or below a certain threshold. Then you have a reminder to transfer funds into or out of your account to keep a comfortable balance. The cool thing about Account Alerts is they occur in real time with no delay. You get a notification as soon as an event occurs and can react immediately. This is especially handy if you are waiting for your tax return or paycheck to be deposited into your account!

Where do I go to set up Account Alerts?

From our mobile app, you can set up push notifications – automated messages that pop up on your phone. From online banking on your desktop or tablet, you have more options to receive Account Alerts in the form of text messages, emails or within online banking in our online banking secure inbox.

What kind of Account Alerts can I set up?

There are multiple different options and you can set up separate notifications for each of your accounts.

Say you have savings, checking, a CD and a loan. You could set notifications for:

  • withdrawals from your checking account over a set amount,
  • payment reminders for a loan,
  •  withdrawals from your savings, and
  •  when your CD reaches maturity.

You might want to set up a specific notification like when you are waiting for the IRS to send a tax refund. If you know your tax refund amount, you can set up a notification for that specific amount and you will know immediately when the money is in your account.

There’s a huge list of things you’re able to do. If you find out you are getting too many notifications, it’s easy to scale back. If you have more questions, see the Online Banking section on our website or you are welcome to come in to any full service branch and one of our bankers will be happy to help you.

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