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Why Bank Local?

You’ve heard of the big, national chain banks, but what are the pros to bank with a smaller community bank? When searching for a new bank, here are three reasons to consider banking locally.

  • Personalized service: Having your banker know you by name is a huge advantage when it comes to your finances. You are not just a number at community bank—more value is put into relationships and giving you one-on-one attention. Often when you call a big bank, you will have to go through numerous prompts and it takes time to get to a real person. When banking at a community bank, you have the convenience of calling your banker directly to talk to a real person. This makes a big difference when you need answers right away and are dealing with important financial matters.
  • Community focused: Local banks are known for giving back to the community in big and small ways. It is a focal point in community banks to continually better the community they serve. When a bank is on a smaller scale, it is easy to see areas in the community that need more assistance and attention. There is an importance to giving back to the community to grow the economy in areas that are not a priority to large entities. New, small business owners can often get better support at a community bank than at a large, mega bank. Community banks are proud to support their local economy and want to see it thrive.
  • Reliable: Customer service is a priority at community banks and they will go the extra mile to make sure things get done correctly for you. It is sometimes misconceived that small banks do not offer as many services as the big, national chain banks but it isn’t true. Small banks often invest more time and effort into making sure their customers have an enjoyable and easy experience with their bank. You can often find the same services at a community bank as well as more affordable options for accounts.

As you shop for a new bank, consider banking with a community bank instead of a big, chain bank.  You won’t just be a number but your banker will know you by name. You will be treated with the one-on-one personal service that is so important when dealing with your finances.

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