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What do i need to shred anyways?

Free Shred Day will take place May 20, 2023 from 8 AM – 11 AM at our headquarters – 1601 22nd St. West Des Moines, IA 50266

Better to be safe than sorry is the way to go when it comes to shredding important papers. Wondering what papers are important to bring to the West Bank Free Shred Day? Below are four types of documents that you should always shred.

  • Documents with Personal Information: Anytime you receive something in the mail with personal information such as date of birth, Social Security number, phone number, email address or driver’s license number, it is important to shred. It makes identity thief’s job easier when they can access information on one paper documents. It does not take much information for them to be able to do major damage. Mail from government agencies, work-related mail, travel documents, and medical related mail are common documents that have personal information and should always be shredded.
  • Documents with Account Information: When you receive mail with information regarding an account you should double check there is no sensitive information. This includes account numbers, usernames, and passwords. Mailings such as bills and credit card statements often contain this type of information.
  • Documents with Financial Information: As a general rule, you should shred any document you receive from a financial institution. Once the statement or account information from your bank is no longer necessary, it should be shredded. These type of documents hold sensitive information that you do not want others to easily access by just throwing it away.
  • Junk Mail: While junk mail seems innocent, often the computer barcodes displayed on these documents contain personal identifying information. Since companies target certain demographics, it always a good idea to shred. Examples include pre-authorized credit card offers, mail from insurance companies, and mail from membership organizations.

Don’t wait for a personal information breach to be more cautious when it comes to shredding documents. Make the most of the West Bank Free Shred Day and bring any documents to be shredded on site free of charge.


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