We’re committed to helping your business grow

Being a small business owner has many rewards, but the daily management of your business's finances can be time consuming. We understand your need for services that help you focus on what you do best. Growing your business.

» Health Savings Accounts
A West Bank Health Savings Account can be cost-effective for both you and your employees. Our HSA account is intended to be paired with a lower-cost high deductible health insurance policy that will help your business cut costs without cutting a significant benefit for your employees. Employees are able to contribute pre-tax dollars to their HSA and use the funds to pay deductibles and additional qualified out-of-pocket medical expenses. (1)

» Automated Clearing House
Give yourself the luxury of having more time to concentrate on your business. Put ACH state-of-the-art technology to work for you as a paperless electronic funds transfer solution.

» eCorp
Take control of your business banking activities with eCorp. Real-time cash management reporting allows you to make immediate and accurate decisions for your business.

» eCorp Mobile Banking
Allows you the flexibility to make decisions and approve transactions instantly from your smartphone!

» Checkmate DepositSM
Looking to save time? You can now make deposits to your business account without ever leaving your desk!

» Merchant Card Services
Do you want to broaden your customer's payment options?  At no cost to you, our Card Services experts will conduct an evaluation of your business to determine the best and most affordable processing method.

» Corporate Credit & Debit Cards
A West Bank Visa® Rewards Business Credit Card can help you meet the everyday challenges of running your business. A West Bank Business Debit card can help you easily manage your business purchases by deducting directly from your West Bank account.

(1) Consult your tax advisor regarding your eligibility for an HSA, the tax consequences, and benefits to you.