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Commercial Analysis
Commercial Analysis

Helping you keep more

of what you earn

Commercial Analysis

A business can maximize the availability of its money and reduce monthly fees by putting the advantages of West Bank commercial checking to work.

Commercial Analysis

Every business wants to save time and money. With West Bank’s commercial analysis checking, organizations with high transaction levels or multiple commercial checking accounts can do just that!

  • Makes the most of your balance to offset fees on single or multiple accounts
  • Can be linked to treasury management services
  • Helps you balance the demands of cash flow, safety, efficiency and costs
  • Includes detailed monthly analysis statements that itemize services used on a per-unit cost basis

How does it work?

Based on balances maintained across your account relationship, businesses receive earnings credit that can offset a portion or all of the service charges that accrue for each statement period. Businesses will receive a consolidated analysis statement detailing average balance levels and listing of each of the individual services.


  • $20 monthly service charge; earnings credit is applied to collected balance to offset service charges
  • eStatements are free; paper statements are $3 per month
  • Account activity fees:
    - ACH debits/credits $0.10 each
    - All other debits/credits $0.25 each
    - Items deposited at a branch $0.10 each


Contact Us

To speak with a Commercial Banker about your organization's needs, please call 515-222-2300.

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The Commercial Account Analysis System is a billing system for our commercial client’s business checking account. Your company’s earnings credit may partially or fully offset West Bank’s service charges. The Analysis System itemizes the business services, the cost associated with these services, the balances required to pay for these services and the total amount of the fees.