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Fraud Prevention Tools
Fraud Prevention Tools

protect yourself

from fraud and theft

Fraud Prevention Tools

Positive Pay & ACH Fraud Filter

Giving you the tools to help protect yourself from fraud and theft is part of how we earn your trust every day.

What is it?

Designed to help businesses fight check fraud, Positive Pay is an automated check-matching service that compares checks presented for payment against a database of checks previously authorized by your business.

On the ACH side, we offer ACH Fraud Filter. Every ACH transaction that’s presented for payment is compared to pre-set rules to determine whether the transaction calls for further review. You’d receive an email alert when unauthorized or unusual ACH activity is present.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Protection from internal and external fraud: Both Positive Pay and Fraud Filter help protect your business 24/7 and alert you to counterfeit or suspicious activity.
  • Saves Time: You’ll save time reconciling every month.
  • Control: Check or ACH fraud and accounting input errors can cost your business many hours in lost productivity. These tools give you the control to react to each exception as it is detected.

How does it work?

Positive Pay automatically matches presented checks (check number and amount) against your list of previously authorized checks. If the check does not match the information, it becomes an “exception item” and you’re notified so you can review the item and confirm or deny payment.

ACH Fraud Filter allows you to set up rules for your ACH transactions. Any time an ACH is presented that violates one or more of your rules, you’ll be notified so you can review the transaction and decide to accept or deny it.

Contact Us

To find out more about ACH Fraud Filter and Positive Pay, contact our Treasury Management team at 515-222-2300 or 1-800-810-2301.