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Contactless Debit Cards

West Bank now offers contactless debit cards.

The next time your debit card is renewed, you will receive a card with a contactless payment option. Contactless means you save time at the point-of-sale terminal by simply tapping your card instead of inserting it and waiting for the transaction to be completed. The contactless card still comes with an EMV chip to give you another way to pay.

Contactless debit cards are secure transactions.

The information on your card is protected by unique keys and the transaction only works if you’re within a couple inches from the POS terminal. Every chip and/or contactless transaction includes a unique, one-time code meant to protect you against fraud. It also helps keep your information safe and confidential.

How do I use my contactless debit card?

  1. Look for the contactless symbol on the payment terminal.
  2. Tap your card on the front of the POS terminal.
  3. Wait for a beep or green light before removing your card (you can put your card away – you won’t need it again).
  4. Follow any instructions on the screen (you might be asked to enter your PIN or sign).