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Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection

Worried about overdraft fees?

Occasionally, we understand that mistakes can be made when balancing your checkbook. That’s why we offer Overdraft Protection. It’s an easy and convenient way to give you peace of mind. Simply link your West Bank Savings, Money Market or alternative checking account to your checking account and protect yourself from nonsufficient funds, merchant return fees and the potential embarrassment of having a payment declined.

How Overdraft Protection works

In the event there are not sufficient funds available in your checking account, Overdraft Protection will automatically transfer funds in $100 increments from your linked account.

There is no charge to set up Overdraft Protection. You simply pay a $5 transfer fee when a transfer is made. This saves you money as it is significantly less than incurring an Overdraft Fee, Returned Item Fee and/or a Merchant Return Fee.

To sign up for Overdraft Protection, please contact your banker or call 1-800-810-2301.

Why sign up for Overdraft Protection?


Automatic Transfers

Transfers are made automatically – let us do the work for you!


Save Money

Costs less than an Overdraft Fee, Returned Item Fee, and/or a Merchant Return Fee – no charge to set up Overdraft Protection, you only pay a $5 transfer fee when a transfer is made.


Maximize earned interest

Maximizes the interest earned on your savings account since the funds transfer to your checking account only when needed.


Mental Health

Avoids the embarrassment of having a payment rejected and returned.

Each automatic transfer is processed in $100 increments regardless of the amount of the overdrawn item. If the linked account balance is less than the amount needed to cover the full transfer, then the balance in the account will be transferred and you may be charged an overdraft fee, as well as the transfer fee. The transferred amount from your linked account includes the transfer fee. Transfers initiated by Overdraft Protection service are included in the limit of six (6) transfers per statement cycle for savings and money market accounts. Please see the Deposit Account Agreement for more information on Transaction Limitations.

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