Before enrolling for West Bank Online Banking, you must consent to this agreement. Please read this agreement carefully and save a copy for your records.

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WEST BANK seeks to provide you with all of the information you need to manage your accounts and transactions, and we want to do so in a method that best suits your needs and lifestyle.  If you would like to receive your WEST BANK information electronically, rather than on paper, you must provide your consent. 

This Disclosure and Consent contains important information regarding that consent, and applies to all communications for products and services offered through WEST BANK Online and Mobile Banking Services, as well as for Reward Me Checking® accounts.  We urge you to read this document carefully, and to print a copy for future reference. 

The words “we”, “us” and “our” refer to WEST BANK.  The words “you” and your” refer to our customer, which may be you, as an individual, or the entity which owns the WEST BANK Account.  “Communications” means the information we provide to you, including, but not limited to, Notices, Disclosures, Account Statements, alerts and warnings.


By Agreeing to the terms of this Disclosure and Consent (“E-Sign Consent”), you are consenting to receive WEST BANK Communications electronically, and not on paper.  Once you’ve consented, WEST BANK will send its Communications to you via e-mail, or to the extent permissible by law, by access to a web site designated in an e-mail for such purpose.  

You retain certain rights following your E-Sign Consent.  On your request, WEST BANK will still provide you with non-electronic, paper copies of any Communications, but we may charge a fee for those copies.  The schedule of fees is subject to change, and is available on request from any WEST BANK branch, or on WEST BANK’s website, at To request a non-electronic, paper copy of any Communication, contact WEST BANK Customer Service at 515-222-2360.  You can also withdraw your E-Sign Consent at any time, and without charge.  You will then resume receiving paper Communications.  To withdraw your consent, contact WEST BANK Customer Service at 515-222-2360.  Your withdrawal of consent will be effective after WEST BANK has had a reasonable amount of time to process your request.  Please note: if you withdraw your consent, WEST BANK may terminate your enrollment in WEST BANK Online and Mobile Banking Services and will terminate your Reward Me Checking Account. 

What You Will Need In Order to Receive Electronic Communications

In order to receive electronic Communications, you will need:

• a computer (or other device) and an operating system capable of supporting a current version of an Internet browser¹ (one which is actively supported by its publisher);
• a current version of a program that opens and displays documents saved in the Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF)²;
• an Internet connection; and
• an active e-mail address.

If you want to print and save a paper copy of any electronic Communication, you will need a printer to do so.  We urge you to print a paper copy when we advise you to do so, and to retain it for future reference.  If you have trouble accessing, downloading, viewing or printing your electronic Communications, contact WEST BANK Customer Service at 515-222-2360. You can also save your electronic Communications to your computer or external storage device.  You should always print and/or save your electronic Communications if you have viewed them using a mobile device.

We may need to change the hardware or software requirements needed to access or retain electronic Communications.  If we feel that a change may impair your ability to access or retain electronic Communications, we will provide you with Notice of the new requirements.  You will at all times retain the right to withdraw your E-Sign Consent, without charge.  Continuing to use WEST BANK Online and Mobile Banking Services and/or your Reward Me Checking account after you receive Notice of the changes will constitute re-affirmation of your E-Sign Consent. 

¹Your ability to access, download and save electronic Communications can best be performed with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Version 8.0 or above; Apple Safari® Version 4.0 or above; Mozilla Firefox Version 24.0 or above; or Google Chrome™ Version 29.0 or above.  To update your browser to the most recent version, use the following links:;; or

²A copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader® is available for download and installation at


You will need to maintain an active e-mail address.  We will rely on that e-mail address and assume that items sent to that address are received by you, until you give us notice that your e-mail address has changed. Just as with your telephone number, or postal address, you should notify us at once of any changes to your e-mail address.  To do so, contact WEST BANK Customer Service at 515-222-2360, or stop in at any branch. 


By clicking “I Agree” below, you are consenting to receive WEST BANK Communications electronically, and not on paper.


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