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Soft Tokens

Soft Tokens

Soft tokens = strong security, customer convenience

West Bank works hard to provide online security tools to help you protect your business. 

We now offer a mobile app that generates a secure one-time password, called a “soft token”, for use each time you log in to eCorp Online Banking, eCorp Mobile, or complete a transaction such as a wire or ACH.

User Guides 

Activation via Profile - for existing eCorp users 

Logging in to eCorp Online Banking

Logging in to eCorp Mobile

Completing a Security Challenge for ACH and Wire transactions

Activation at Login - for new eCorp users 


Contact one of our Treasury Management Administrators at 1-800-810-2301 or email Or, use the Live Chat feature in eCorp Online Banking to chat with us.

Reminder, do not use email to send personal or account information.


What is a soft token?

A soft token is a secure app on a mobile device that generates a one-time password each time you log in to eCorp Business Online Banking or eCorp Mobile. It is similar to a physical ‘hard’ token, but allows you use an app on your mobile device instead of a separate piece of hardware.

Can I switch from a hard token to a soft token?

Yes, you can switch from a hard to a soft token. First, login to your eCorp Business Online Banking account, select your Profile and Activate. Follow the instructions in the Activate via Profile user guide to make the switch. You do not need to return the hard token to West Bank. Dispose of the token safely or retain in a secure location.  You can switch back to a hard token in the future if you wish.

What is the cost?

Hard and soft tokens will be assessed a fee of $2 per user, per month. The fee is assessed per eCorp/ACH/Checkmate Deposit user. Tokens not assigned to a user will not be assessed a fee. There are no associated one-time or replacement fees.

Can some employees at my company use soft tokens and some use hard tokens?

Yes, your company can use both hard and soft tokens. We encourage you to choose the option that is the best fit for your business and employees.

Where do I find the app?

Search for DIGIPASS for Business Banking in either the Apple or Google Play app stores.

appImage  appImage

How does it work?

The soft token app helps protect access to your eCorp Business Online Banking account by generating random, one-time passwords that you will use each time you log in to your account. It will also be used to complete high-value transactions such as ACH or wires. The one-time string of numbers, combined with the PIN you set up in eCorp Business Online Banking, is known as multi-factor authentication.

What if I already use the DIGIPASS app?

A single installation of the DIGIPASS app on your mobile device can hold multiple tokens. The tokens can be labeled to identify the bank they are being used for.

When if I enter the wrong number when logging in?

If you enter the wrong one-time password/PIN combination, just re-enter the correct numbers generated by the app and your PIN.

What if I lose my smartphone?

When setting up the soft token, you have the option to register more than one device. So if you should misplace your smartphone, you can log in with another device. Another option would be to get a new phone and have us re-register the new phone. At that point, you would need to also re-install the app.

Can I use it with my eCorp Mobile Banking app?

Yes, you will use the DIGIPASS for Business Banking app  when logging in or completing transactions via eCorp Business Mobile Banking. Instead of following desktop activation process, you’ll generate a one-time password from the DIGIPASS for Business Banking app to log in from your mobile banking app or when you complete a transaction.


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